One can expect high performance and value in consulting services and BPO, from Otto Stecher and his colleagues. I first met Otto in the 1980s when we both worked for KPMG consulting. It was on a finance and accounting consulting project in Latin America. Otto demonstrated intelligence, competency, and integrity. He can be trusted and deliver high value to clients.


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“I have been privileged to have the services of Mr. Otto Stecher in the field of Strategic Cost Management during my career as Financial Manager of ​​“Corporación Auto Mercado. I can attest that the experience, talent and value of Mr. Stecher and his team had a very positive impact in all the projects that he carried out where I was involved.”

“I’ve had the privilege of being acquainted with the trajectory of Engineer Otto Stecher and his team, since 2007. Mr. Stecher has participated several times, as a consultant in various projects related to cost management and tariffs for the National Registry, where I’ve had the opportunity to work with him as part of a team. Mr. Stecher’s added value and expertise on the subject have been key to the achievements the National Registry has to date.”

“Otto Stecher has had an extensive teaching career as professor in several courses in executive programs such as PECA and in courses for Master Degree of Modern Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chain Management. His teaching experience and his deep knowledge and expertise on Cost Management and Best Practices in the logistics area have been of great value to the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, especially for students who have been part of the courses that Mr. Stecher has taught since 1999. As colleagues and teachers, we want to extend this testimony.”